Sunday, December 7, 2008

'closed' for the season

its sunday, the last day of the last show i'll do this year. so time for a little reflection!
-its been a tough year to break into the craft market, at least that's what other artist have told me. i have received many compliments on my work by fellow artist and the general public, if only that payed the bills.
- i have some new ideas which i'm excited about getting started on in the new year
-i decided it was time to make a serious attempt at getting into the wholesale world (as stated in an earlier post).
- some areas that need work: my web presents needs at least one full studio day spend on web markets, my site, stores etc.
: working on a client list, mailings etc.
: streamlining my line- getting rid of some styles, developing new

just some points to think about for myself