Friday, May 22, 2009

surface work

this week i've been doing a little 2D surface work for my wedding accessories and my dress. here are some photos.
i was trying to match the swatch; i think it came out pretty close. i'm not sure how to get the 'dusty' gray to fully match, but it should work.

i'm dying this for my dress, but am second guessing it; it needs more worki like how much darker the first photo looks; i just need to keep working it.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

where did may go?!

it seems like just last week i was in ohio for a family thing in late april, next thing i know its memorial day weekend! haaaaaaaaa!!!!!
so much to do! so little time. i have 6 shows lined up for this summer:
vail, co june 26-28
frisco, co july 4 &5
jackson hole july 17 -19
boulder, co july 25 &26
frisco, co aug 8 &9
jackson hole, wy aug 14-16
in addition to getting inventory together, i'm also redoing my booth!! exciting and over whelming