Monday, April 28, 2008

almost home

I'm sitting here in my vegas hotel room, totally exhausted and trying to prepare myself for the insanity that's coming while trying to prepare for the show in july. my trip to vegas was to check out the ACRE show through, to see if it was something i would like to do for my company. while at the show, i spoke to many artist, young/old, new/well-established and the over all feeling i got was this craft thing is struggling. be it the economy, the retirement of the old guard, or the movement of 'indie craft' which seems a new voice in craft and price, the scene seems to be changing. this makes me even more insecure about trying to make craft as my living, especially as prices for everything is jumping through the roof, well as much of one as we all will be able to afford!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

also today in news...

yesterday while doing my job as a cashier at our local whole grocer (think whole foods, just smaller, locally owned) i saw a girl wearing on of my hats. it was exciting cause its the first time i've seen someone out with one that i didn't give or sell to personally, so she must have gotten it at one of the stores here that carries them! at least i know there selling!!!! it was the one pictured above! baby blue elva made of wool and angora.

something new

I've been developing this idea for a while now, little felt bangles with embroidery and beading. something a little different.

Friday, April 11, 2008

in the beginng, there was felt

i decided to start this blog in honor of getting excepted into my first juried art, which i did, as the emerging artist for the july sale here in jackson hole. i thought this would provide a new 'soapbox' to tell the tale of getting to the show and hopefully the success after the show as well. the show is in mid july, and since i'll be on the road til late april, i figure work for the sale won't really start til may. the goal is around 250 hats for the sale! in 2 1/2 months! insanity!!!!!