Friday, March 27, 2009

working away

this past week i've got some work done, not as much as i'd like... but is it not also that way.
i have a few more scarves in the works and some new ideas that have come to me recently. i feel 'early april' breathing down my neck. as that is when my new works premier!
on another note things have happen (which i will not detail here) in my life to get me thinking about what comes along with the talent of being an artist.
people and society view us as an anomaly on display. like animals in the zoo.... 'look how interesting, so beautiful, how exotic....' but only with the security of glass to separate themselves; elevated to a higher platform. people are envious, interested, but distant at the same time.
i have friends both fellow artist/ craftsman and those are not artistically inclined, and with the later group there's this difference... like the disclosure at the bottom of a document, 'she an artist'. like it some separate classification of people (and maybe we are.) but yet these same people go the art fairs and other arts events; interested only from the safety glass.
its like society and those in it hate to have us around but can't live without us; without someone to put a twist on ways to view our world. almost as if we're a threat to how a 'normal' society should be, how people should live their lives; while we feel the freedom to live as we so want and believe.... how scary!

Friday, March 13, 2009

a little taste

apparently my foul mood carried over into today and is preventing me from getting stuff done. i'm feeling very artistically frustrated today. i'm hoping to work it out here soon today. i'm feeling overwhelmed with all that needs to be done, so i end up not doing anything. i need to get a list together and prioritize!!!
here are some photos of one of the new designs i've been working on. this piece will be donated to a local art auction. i like this design and will continue to development more.
the hat also got donated; as a set, 'my thoughts in blue'

Thursday, March 12, 2009

one of those days

today was another day where i was so busy... not working in my studio. i have found that i have a real struggle trying to find a balance between studio time and being a 'homemaker'. (right now i'm hating that term). having two teenage stepsons, one that lives with us full time is a full time job within its self... at least that's how it feels some days. there's such a fine balance of time in days and it frustrates me when all i want to do is get some work done and other responsibilities pull me away.
but for right now i am listening to my song-du-jour obsession 'the cocktail slippers' st valentine's day massacre!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

hard at...not work

i'd like to say i've been so busy in my studio that i haven't even had time to write, but alas, untrue. the past few days have been filled with getting a new used car, which is a good thing, both for business and personal. but my days have been filled with business junk. sometimes i feel the art of running a business takes so much from the business of my art. i am looking into recruiting help, i.e. an accountant who can help with my bookkeeping. also i'm looking into ordering new and nicer label tags, as i've been making my own. and am looking into other ways to save my precious studio time by outsourcing the stuff that i can.
i have been working on some new pieces though!!! look for them here in a few weeks!!
tomorrow should be fun as a local garment making company is closing it doors and selling its inventory... so thread, zippers, yards and yards o'fabric here i come!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

bold decisions

as of this morning i've decided to make the bold decision to temporarily close up my etsy shop and website as i'm planning entire over haul of my current line and working on new pieces. i am choosing to keep it closed until early april, which is when i was planning on releasing my new work.
i really feel this is needed as am trying to raise my level of craftsmanship and artistic quality in my goods. this morning i was looking at my current inventory and realised how unhappy i am of the work i've been trying to sell is. so i decided to pull it all!
i'm looking forward to reworking things and working on new goods.
i'm hoping this will help me with what direction to take my company and artwork. i'm still interested in wholesale and might used my current work as my wholesale line and work on more one-of-a-kind pieces to retail my self, under my name, not SlimPik'enDesign; i'll save that for wholesale.....maybe?!
i'm guessing this is coming from the classes in phili..... damn education!
anyway i will of course keep my blog going.... as i'm sure i will need it now more then ever to get my artist woes off my chest!
check back for the newest developments