Friday, August 22, 2008

Art Wear Fashion Week

after a late night on tuesday and an early morning on weds. the hats for the Art Wear Fashion Week are done and were mailed on weds morning. here are some photos

above 'the ice queen'; below 'aries ode to spring'
below 'the leave are falling'

above 'the bustled bride'; below again 'april showers bring may flowers'

and a few from production line: the 'ruffled jen'
the 'judy'; the 'chuck' in pink

Monday, August 11, 2008

my latest project

in addition to my art and hats and working almost full time slinging ice, i also do alteration. here is one that came in by Corey's co-workers wife. she needed this dress to be part of a wedding and it was too small. the parameters if the dress: must be yellow and must be formal. so here's what we started with....
somethings you can't see. the skirt is totally sheer, we could not even zip it up, it looks a lot better in this photo then the real dress (they always look better in a size 2 as opposed to a size 20, the size i was working with)
and here are the photos after i worked on it......

what i did... sewed in an underskirt so it was not sheer, cut the single shoulder strap off, sewed it to a strapless bodice, put thin straps with the organza sewed on it, removed the sequence and the hip ruffle thing, moved the zipper to the side seam and cut and placed a new nude colored back panel to acomodate the size difference. i think it looks better.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

still here...just busy

i have discovered i'm not so good at this blog thing, but here's the latest news. i'm still a little disappointed in the first show... but i realize life moves on and so have my oppurtunities. i have been excepted in the Art Wear Fashion Week in fort collins, CO. they have asked me to display 5-8 hats like my 'april showers...' hat (above).
i also just found out that i have been excepted in both Winterfair shows in ohio, one in cincinnati and columbus. i'm not sue if i'm going to do the sales or not, but it nice to know i have the option.
some other sales this year are 'taken it to the streets' here in jackson, wy part of the fall arts fest and 'November Art Sale and Show' at the Nicolasysen center in casper, WY.
in other news, i have returned to the work force here in the hole. doing what you ask... no, not slinging booze or coffee (though i've always thought 'krista the barista' is too cute) ... i'm slinging ice and meat. that's right, i'm back working at jackson whole ice and game. in the summer we make and deliever ice all over the valley, in the fall we process the game from hunting season. i think i'm the only veg-head who would work at a game processing plant!!

here i am in my new western hat!!