Sunday, April 12, 2009

back to the studio

spring break is over! everyone will be returning to school or their house. so its time to hit the studio hard this week. i'm hoping to get beck on-line this week and continue to have new work coming.
my summer schedule is getting finalized too. the past week i heard from 5 of the 6 shows i applied to: 3 acceptance 2 rejections- which i'm taking hard as they where the first shows i've been rejected from so far. but its going to happen at some point. so i have applied to a few more for the summer and am also looking into shows for later in the year.
first on the to-do list is get professional photos! which i think may be one reason i was rejected. also work on my booth design and layout. time to apply some of the info i learned in philadelphia!
brand new week, no guest, no step kids- studio here i come!