Thursday, April 8, 2010

wholesale work

this month will be spent on my preparations for my first wholesale show. it is the ACRE wholesale show which is affiliated with, a website dedicated to wholesale crafts. only registered artist and buyers can fully access it.
the show will be in vegas the first part of june. i'm starting to feel overwhelmed by the amount of work i feel i need to do before the show; line sheets, catalogs, order forms, a new booth layout, new posters with product shots, and much more i'm sure i'm not listing. i have started to pool my books and other references about wholesaling. i recently bought megan auman's wholesale e-book, which i hope to get read by the weekend.
i really crossing my fingers with this wholesale show and hopefully the buyer's market in august. i'm hoping this will really help to make my company stronger so i can go full time in my studio next year!
i addition to that, i have also started hearing back about summer retail shows. i decided to not travel as much this summer and only do a few retail summer shows. last year i lost a decent amount of money doing retail shows out of town. so, for this summer i am doing the Jackson hole art fairs and maybe one in Portland, OR in September. here are photos of some new color combos i have been working for my retail shows. these are for my 'natural line'.
this photo shows two new color combos, the larger swatches. they are made from carding the two outside rovings together to get the center color.

this shows colors formed by layering the different color rovings. its a much different effect. i like the bottom two, but not so much the upper two.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

garment tags

i finally cowboy'd-up and bought some professional woven garment tags. it been something i've wanted to do for a while, but always felt my money should be put elsewhere. so here they are; i really like them. they also have my new logo on them, with i designed. what do you see? what do you think it is?
i also wanted to announce some shows coming up: april 24 jackson whole grocer eco-fair; also the jackson hole art fairs, i've been excepted for both july and august, but am not sure if i will do both. check back for more!