Wednesday, July 23, 2008

the aftermath

my first show is over and after a few days to recover, here's what happened. i was happy with my booth layout and also the fact that besides the table in the last 20 mins of the show blowing over, everything else held. people liked the display stands, one women wanted to buy them!!
my sale were reasonable, i guess, since i don't have anything to compare it to. i did make enough to cover my costs, which is good. i do think i will get a part time job just to bring a little money during the down time between the next show.
i only sold a little over 20 hats, so with having 200 there..... you know. but now i have the inventory for the next show and to wholesale some out,
that was the biggest question i got, do you have a store?, where do you show?, oh... you're local! seemed to be a plus!!
i did find that most people have no idea what i do. most thought i knitted then put the hat into the washer to shrink it down. so i explained that that's fulling not felting. some understood, most didn't. i had a few people walk and say they could do that! go right ahead then little lady!!!! and tell me how to make a successfully business at it too!!!
but all in all, the show was good, the weather was good, no blown away tents, covered my cost what else could i ask for... a little profit but maybe next time. here's corey and i at the end of the show!


amy tavern said...

seems like a good show, regardless of how many hats sold. although, i think 20 wool hats in the summer is super! your booth looked great - love the hat racks and your banner. you should be so proud of yourself for making it all happen! right on, sista!

krista said...

thanks ms. tavern