Monday, September 15, 2008

a little down

it's monday, the day after my second sale and it did not go well. this seems to be such a hard time for everyone. so i guess you just count the pennies and keep moving forward, right? good thing for waitressing, which is what i'm currently doing!
anyway last week i got my first order of wool, as i am now a wholesaler. so i have about 50lbs. of wool in my house now. hopefully going to start selling some on my etsy page. it looks like big caterpillars!
i also found a new website i'm going to try out, called smashing darling. its for indie fashion designers, so hopefully i'll have more luck there. also i figure its time to wholesale out some of the inventory left over from the sales.
also, a few weeks ago was my 1 year anniversary for quitting smoking! to celebrate, a necklace i bought from my friend and mentor ms. amy tavern!
so it's back to the grind stone as i have three more sales in the coming months!


Mergirl said...

I love the pics of the wool! Great hats too!

TD wool design said...

ok, just read your posts and yay! glad you found it!