Thursday, January 15, 2009

hello new year

i realize its been the new year for a few weeks now (where does the time go?) but i still feel the need to acknowledge it. so here we are. my current activities consist of deciding what shows to apply to for the summer season. also planning my trip to phili for the buyer's market visiting artist program. afterward, i will be one step closer to my goal of being a vendor at this show by next year!!
the timing is good, as i feel i still need a little time getting my work more refined to move into wholesaling and this training course should help!
corey and i are in total wedding planning madness right now, but it should slow down here once we get contracts signed and everything lined up! i'm going to start a wedding blog, if anyone is interested in seeing whats going on with the wedding. also a way for people to rsvp without all the paper and postage trash!
on a more serious note, i'm sure most artist and crafters have by now seen something on the new laws going into effect in feb. the consumer product safety improvement act- this is very serious changes that will put most crafters out of business. i'm asking everyone, artist or not, to take action and sign petitions, talk to others, just spread the word and get others involved! here are some important links
etsy's site
CNN money site
a blog
and if you just enter CPSIA petition in google a whole list comes up.
even if you think this don't effect you or your craft, don't forget those of us who's it does!

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