Tuesday, June 30, 2009

first show down

i've just returned from my first show of the summer season; in vail co. here's my new booth layout that corey and i built!!! don't be fooled, as i did most of the carpentry work on these wood boxes. corey build brackets and got hardware on them. i really like the flower pots/cement weights needed to keep the tent on the ground.
the show was not so hot, i did sell some (not enough to recover my cost), but some of my neighbors had no sales! so it could have been worse. i was not expecting much from this summer, but i was hoping for a little more than this first show provided!
i have been in a real bad mood since my return and i'm not sure way. this week i have a lot of commitments and work to do and little time, so my stress level is high. but another thing is i'm not sure if doing these shows is really my thing. it takes so much time away from your studio and work. and not just the time at the show, but travel and then getting resettled once back in the studio, it takes days! so i think that is frustrating me. also the summer tourist season is in full swing, so traffic is high and people are everywhere.
i don't know why people forget to pack their brains when they go on vacation!!
as a new month is on the horizon, i'm planning to make myself write every weekday this month, just cause i feel like i need one more thing!
more tomorrow!

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amy tavern said...

really good point about how much time it takes to get settled back into the studio upon returning from a show. so true...it takes a lot! i am finally factoring in a few days to catch-up on things that piled up, sleep, etc. into my schedule but i am still not giving myself enough time. i am still surprised at how long it takes.