Monday, July 20, 2009

1 year down

this past weekend was the jackson hole art fair, which was my first juried show. so this marks my 1 year anniversary. instead of looking back, i choose to look forward. here are some things to work towards:
1. making a profit! separate from my other forms of income; my craft supporting my craft!
2. work towards outsourcing some of the work: photos, garment tags, people to help with bookkeeping, money, all that!
3. develop new products; set time aside every week to do some product development.
4. keep working to get organized!! some days i'm really good, then my portfolio blows up! (which is its current condition)
5. get into some better shows. after working with the howard allen group this summer i can honestly say i will never work with them again! i'm going to try and do better research to which shows to try for.
lastly 6. keep trying! which is all any of us can say right now!

so i need a break from the fiber, going into wedding world instead. i'll be posting photos as soon as i can find the camera cord to upload the pictures!
more later

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