Friday, March 12, 2010

new work 3/2010

this is a piece i'm donating to a museum here is wyoming for their fundraiser. it's a piece i've been thinking a lot about.
i've been thinking how can i take my fiber love and love of figure drawing into one; so here is the first attempt. my husband really digs it.
the process: i took an old drawing from our local open studio drawing class, re-drew it onto a 5 x7 inch piece of silk noil (similar to linen in its texture and density), then outlined the figure with black embroidery floss, filled in the figure with both wool and alpaca roving, which i needle felted into the silk fabric, then worked in more embroidery floss for details, highlights, definition. the blue is a piece of scrap silk/soy satin from my capelet linings. her hair is loose embroidery floss jst barely tacked into place by needle felting. all the fiber, minus the blue fabric, is natural undyed fiber.
i'm really excited to take this work farther. i am often asked what a fiber artist is and i think this piece really shows one side fiber art.

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