Thursday, January 14, 2010

2009 to 2010

well it's another year, so i guess it's time for goal setting and year in reviewing.
first, i'd like to change this blog. i've been using this as a forum to talk about my struggles and victories with my art (definitely more struggles at this point). but this year, i'd like to talk about other artist/crafters. i meet some really great people at the shows i've attended and would like to talk about them here. so mondays will be set aside for other artist.
while at the one of a kind show NYC, it came to me... how can i expect people to buy my handmade objects when i don't buy many handmade objects? so, i am going to live a 'handmade year'. i will try to buy as much as possible handmade, mostly from etsy. i'm hoping it might help my online etsy sales as well as support the handmade movement.
another project on the horizon is getting into a couple of wholesale shows this year. i'm hoping for the buyers market and the acre vegas show.
i'm also setting the goal that by the end of 2010, i can go into 2011 as a full time studio artist and retire from table waiting.
i have some new designs that were premiered at the winter shows, i need to get some photos. i finally got my caplettes going. it been something in the back of my mind and finally got them going. more on those later.
and lastly, i'm really thinking about getting a small clothing line going, using only natural fiber fabrics, since that is part of my artist statement and goal with my current work.

as for 2009..... i think over all the year was ok. i raised my prices in 2009, so that had an effect on my slower sales, but i did sell work at the prices. the one of a kind show in chicago was good and i have signed the contract for 2010, but NYC was a bad show and i will not return. the summer shows were the same... some bad, some ok and a couple good ones. i need to find a way to supplement my income in between the show season. which is where i'm hoping wholesale will fit in.

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