Tuesday, January 26, 2010

guest artist 2- heidi fehrenbacker

my second choice is Heidi Fehrenbacher from Michigan. we met at the one of a kind Chicago show this past December. she is a functional potter with interesting glazing designs. i bought a few of her pieces for Christmas gifts.
i love the shape of her curved mugs. also her 'country/city mouse' mugs are so great.
what i love most about her work is the uniqueness of her pieces. while they are standard in function and purpose (like most pottery) her works stands out as the silhouettes are different and her glazes. i like how she almost draws on the pieces; they have some great line work.
Heidi was a great artist to be next at the show, helping the time go by so well.

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HeidiMCF said...

Krista you are awesome! Thanks for the feature! I still have to get one of your amazing hats. :)