Monday, May 12, 2008

monday morning

so here it is monday morning, getting ready to start the construction of 50 hats this week!
here are some photos of the felt being blocked. its a way to give purpose to the old futon from college!
here's a photo of the felt, those colors! soooo bright. Corey (my hubby to be) and i were talking about how the bright orange (on top) is the same as the hunting orange and i came up with the idea to make some women's hats for hunting! its very big out here in wyoming, and i know a few of the guides who might help to promote them. maybe line the hats with some camo print. its an idea! we'll see what happens with it.

last night i just realized how crazy my summer traveling will be. in june i'm going to portland for a wedding, then to corey's brother's wedding reception in cheyenne in july, the big show here in jackson also in july, visiting the buyers market in august, then another show here in sept (maybe). during all this, i'm planning on applying for a few shows in ohio (winterfair in cincy and cols), then hopefully doing my college's christmas show in december if the dates work out, and of course, if i get excepted into winterfair! theres also a wholesale show in denver i can participate in, but i need to do more research on it first. its going to be one felt filled year!
oh, these are photos from the studio over the weekend. yes! that be snow. the way this winter is still going, people will need my wool hats in july!

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