Wednesday, May 7, 2008

nice dye pots

so much for the weather breaking and being nice, which it was for the past two days. just when i decide it time to dye, the weather craps out. well that's life!
here are a few photos of my meth lab, not really its a dye studio (AKA the unusable garage). it looks like how i'd picture a meth labs to look like, with the measuring stuff, scale, hot plates, etc.
so that's what my plans are today, dye, dye, dye.i love this photo. it's me at Penland school of Crafts, during a fall concentration in 06. the photo reminds me of some old safety poster from the 70s. that's a pot of indigo in case anyone was wondering. look how pissed off i look, like get that camera out of my face!
i'm also thinking of trying to take a ballet class today. it would be the first time since 1999 and 4 surgeries , all knees, for a grand total of 6 (2 while in HS, one knee, one ankle which is the reason i stopped my dancing) i like to keep my dr.'s kids in college! so i thought it was time to give a try again. i'm planning on taking a beginner class, which i think is funny since at my performing arts high school, i was in a pre-professional training program, but i guess you gotta start back somewhere!
keep up with the hard work my fellow craftsman!!!!

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