Friday, May 9, 2008

to dye or not to dye?

that's all i've been doing for the past few days!!!!
here's what the first batch looks like

i don't know what to think about these dyes. i'm using acid dyes from pro-chemical, and they are sooooo bright, almost blinding. i feel like i'm in an 80s flashback with all the acid dyes! i've been trying to apply some of the color theory stuff from school to bring down the intensity, but to no avail!

anyway here's the same view from the studio this morning, there are mountains there... somewhere. oh and they're predicting snow, yes rain with light snow showers in may! where's our spring. this winter here is NEVER going to end!!!!
i also took the ballet class the other day, makes you realize how out of shape you are and my legs are still sore! can't wait to do it next week!

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