Monday, June 16, 2008

back at it

its monday morning and i'm am currently unemployed, or maybe its self-employed, not sure. i decided it was time to retire from the bar tending and get serious about making work, especially since i'm down to about a month before the big sale.
here's the stuff i'm working on now. today i hope to get it all sewn together, so tomorrow i can start felting again. this week should be fun, since i've decided to do a full 50 hats with shibori-dyed wool felt.
here's a photo of some of my first experiments. for those who aren't fiber nerds, shibori is an ancient Japanese form of tying and dying fabric, similar to tie-dye.
i'm also liking this two tone hats. people have commented on the monochromatic aspect of my hats, and after trying two tones, i do like it.
well enough for now, back to the grind stone

1 comment:

amy tavern said...

keep it up, girl! you are doing great!. love the new judy hat.