Wednesday, June 11, 2008

heat wave!

i'm soooo sorry for all of you back east: ohio, north carolina. i heard the temp. there is out of control. and you know whats really crazy, its snowing here today.
here's a photo of my mint plant, with snow

here's from my studio, my mountains have disapeared!!!
i ran into a friend yesterday how told me he went skiing yesterday!!! ITS NEVER GOING TO END!! alright, enough about the weather for today.
so as i sit here in the second month of this insanity of getting ready for my first professional sale, i'm dealing with some heavy stuff
1. the burnout, i'm tired and ready to start making new and different stuff, but feel like i can't cause i've put myself on such a tight time line. i have decided to scale back from 250 hats to 200-220, and put more time into making pins and other hat accessories. that was one of my original goals, have hats and pins to offer multiple price points. i feel that the pins will be as important as the hats and need an ampule amount of time as well. job: i gave my notice yesterday at my job as a waitress/ bar keeper. i'm leaving so i have more time to work on my craft, also because i drive 30 miles round trip and with i need to explain further!! also i'm over the drama of a restaurant. those who've work them know what i mean!!! i have enough stress, i don't need any more.

3. so now i have about 90 hats done, and am sewing 60 more by sunday. hopefully i will have the 200-220 done by the first week of july, then spend the rest of the time on pins, my booth, getting more cards printed, appling to more stores here in town... you know all the other stuff!

here are some photos of a new style, called the 'judy' named for my future mother-in-law. it's a very veristile hat that can be worn different ways.

this is my favorite!
(yes, that is a bottle of antifreeze in the background, and no, its not for the irony!)
to all the fellow artist in the struggle, keep on!

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