Wednesday, March 11, 2009

hard at...not work

i'd like to say i've been so busy in my studio that i haven't even had time to write, but alas, untrue. the past few days have been filled with getting a new used car, which is a good thing, both for business and personal. but my days have been filled with business junk. sometimes i feel the art of running a business takes so much from the business of my art. i am looking into recruiting help, i.e. an accountant who can help with my bookkeeping. also i'm looking into ordering new and nicer label tags, as i've been making my own. and am looking into other ways to save my precious studio time by outsourcing the stuff that i can.
i have been working on some new pieces though!!! look for them here in a few weeks!!
tomorrow should be fun as a local garment making company is closing it doors and selling its inventory... so thread, zippers, yards and yards o'fabric here i come!

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