Wednesday, March 4, 2009

bold decisions

as of this morning i've decided to make the bold decision to temporarily close up my etsy shop and website as i'm planning entire over haul of my current line and working on new pieces. i am choosing to keep it closed until early april, which is when i was planning on releasing my new work.
i really feel this is needed as am trying to raise my level of craftsmanship and artistic quality in my goods. this morning i was looking at my current inventory and realised how unhappy i am of the work i've been trying to sell is. so i decided to pull it all!
i'm looking forward to reworking things and working on new goods.
i'm hoping this will help me with what direction to take my company and artwork. i'm still interested in wholesale and might used my current work as my wholesale line and work on more one-of-a-kind pieces to retail my self, under my name, not SlimPik'enDesign; i'll save that for wholesale.....maybe?!
i'm guessing this is coming from the classes in phili..... damn education!
anyway i will of course keep my blog going.... as i'm sure i will need it now more then ever to get my artist woes off my chest!
check back for the newest developments

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