Friday, March 27, 2009

working away

this past week i've got some work done, not as much as i'd like... but is it not also that way.
i have a few more scarves in the works and some new ideas that have come to me recently. i feel 'early april' breathing down my neck. as that is when my new works premier!
on another note things have happen (which i will not detail here) in my life to get me thinking about what comes along with the talent of being an artist.
people and society view us as an anomaly on display. like animals in the zoo.... 'look how interesting, so beautiful, how exotic....' but only with the security of glass to separate themselves; elevated to a higher platform. people are envious, interested, but distant at the same time.
i have friends both fellow artist/ craftsman and those are not artistically inclined, and with the later group there's this difference... like the disclosure at the bottom of a document, 'she an artist'. like it some separate classification of people (and maybe we are.) but yet these same people go the art fairs and other arts events; interested only from the safety glass.
its like society and those in it hate to have us around but can't live without us; without someone to put a twist on ways to view our world. almost as if we're a threat to how a 'normal' society should be, how people should live their lives; while we feel the freedom to live as we so want and believe.... how scary!

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