Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Handmade Do-It-Yourself Holiday Gift part 2

Last week I was up to my elbows in wool, soap and water and eventually felt, so I took a break from blogging, but I thought I do a couple of short post this week. I am in mad-high-production mode while trying to build up my inventory for my winter shows.
during my last couple of post, I showed some of the stuff I have done with my scraps and wool roving. But what I should have said was 'Here are some great ideas for handmade holiday gifts!'. So this week I thought I re-touch on the ideas and show the kits and supplies listed in my Etsy shop so you can made your own.

The first was the longest scarf in the world- not really, but sometimes it feels that way! The supply pack I would recommend are my 'handmade wool felt square bags':

They have pre-cut felt squares that all you have to do is sew together two of the edges together and proceed down the scarf til the desired length is reached. It really is a very easy, but dramatic and functional handmade gift for the holidays!

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