Thursday, November 4, 2010

my Thursday mornings-Farewell

The farm is closed for the season and the workshares are done! The last day was one of the hardest we have had on the farm. We spread the 500, which I am not even going to get into here. If you would like more info, please search biodynamic farming! But I will tell you spreading the 500 is a strenuous job! We walk the entire length of the farm with liquid filled 5-gallon buckets and 'spread' all the hippy-dippy goodness. So we did that twice, then we worked to remove a green house that had been in one spot for 5 years. Trying to pull a tarp up that has 5-years of grass growth through it is not easy!

But, it is now done. We did get a few last crops that day: garlic, basil, kale, carrots, rutabagas. And as my sign-off from the farm until next year, yes I do plan on worksharing again, here is a photo of my favorite carrot of the season... careful it is a bit racy  

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