Wednesday, September 22, 2010

getting schooled

After finishing up my summer shows I have decided it was time to put some energy into trying to expand my knowledge of business, marketing, blogging (all the stuff I feel I struggle with). I recently started the e-course Marketing for Makers taught by Megan Auman. We are a few weeks in and the lessons have been good, inspiring and a little over whelming.  
I have also started reading 52 Weeks of Blogging and will soon start Story Telling by Tara Gentile from Scoutie Girl.
In my quest for knowledge I'm starting to relize that A LOT of people are now offering professonal services and help ebooks and coaching; it just got me wondering a) how well equiped are all these people to give professional business help and b) how do you decide who to work with?
I like Megan and Tara's style and they both seem really well accompished in the area they are selling business services and products in. I have confidence in the products I have chosen, but what about you reader? What services/products have you tried, liked, disliked, recommend?
Thanks for reading!

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