Friday, September 24, 2010

redefining the mission

As I stated earlier this week, I've been reading Tara Gentile' s e-book about blogging. The book has been informative about keywords and other blog info. In addition, she gives 52 topics to help you keep the blog writing inspiration going. The topic for week 1 is to talk about the mission statement for your blog.
I kind of touched on that a few weeks back, when I started putting more time into this blog, but I thought today I'd re-touch. I've been trying to deiced where to take this blog and I think I'm going to let it lead it's own path.
I want to use this as a place for people, customers, other artist and whomever to find out more about me, my art, my work, and what else I am and do. Megan Auman had a post on her blog a while back about this. She had always instructed her students to keep their blogs about business and not personal; but we're artist, what we do is personal. And she admitted that and has started to talk a little more about her personal life.
I also want to use this place for me too. I want this blog to be a place I too can refer back and see what was going on then. I want to use this as a place to talk openly about my business struggles, or what I've learned in my schooling, or what I pulled out of the garden last week.
So I guess that is the mission statement of this blog, a place for people to see what I'm up to, to see new and developing work, to find out my show schedule, to learn from my experiences, to see my eco efforts ( which is one reason I work at an organic farm) and some random stuff too I decide to post.  
Thanks for reading and let's see where the journey goes.

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