Friday, October 22, 2010

cracking my own whip

Over the last week, by me dedicating my blogging to the launch of my new scarf/cowls it was such a good exercise to force me back into the studio. Which might sound odd, as a working studio artist, that lately I have not spent much time in my studio creating stuff.  I mean sure, I have been in there sewing the alterations that have been coming in, but to be activity creating work and new work, is something I have not been putting my time into. I have been so 'busy' putting work into my business instead of putting time into work for my business. It is such an easy thing to do too!
I saw a post awhile back on Crafting an MBA about just that; too much time on the business instead of in the business.
I did choose to take a break and focus on the e-class I am still taking, but the break turned into a few weeks and it can be hard to get the creative momentum back once it has been on hold for a while. So I decided to try and get that momentum back, to try and make 'something' everyday. My first something was to finish a dress for myself I have been working on for months. Though I spent more time that day on the dress than I originally wanted, it feels really good to be wearing that dress: sew, finished and dyed, while I was writing this post.
I figure if I only have an hour on some days to try and create something, that is better than nothing. It is also freeing when you can just 'make' for your own creative freedom instead of working on an order or someone's dress (which is never a good place to be free with yourself). I have steamer trunks full of fabric waiting to be sewn into something, so I figure that is a good place to release some creative energy and get the creative ball rolling.

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