Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Last week I talked about getting back into my studio to get work started for the winter shows I have coming up this year, but today I thought I'd touch on one of the things that was keeping me away from the studio, the e-course Marketing for Makers I have been taking. And while I don't want to turn this into an open-bitch-forum, I do want to address the class with a pretty honest eye.

First, I really like Megan. I feel she has a very strong and professional presents on the web with all that she does: jewelry, cozy/cuff, forums, classes, blogs. She seems to have a great passion for not only the handmade, but in seeing those who make handmade succeed. She has taught in the class room and that has helped and has shown presences in her e-course manner. Her work has been covered in national press and well-known blogs, and has been shown in high-end retail and wholesale shows. All of this success and achievement made me feel she had a thing or two to teach us up-and-comings. 

But, I have not been totally happy with the class and some of the ways it was run. I understand e-courses are different from in-person classes and that Megan has a lot going on. But, so do I and most of the others taking the class.  If I have set certain nights aside to be 'in school', then the teacher better show. More then once, the lessons were late to be posted, not just a day, but sometime not until the next 'class day' and with no acknowledgment of the late posting. Thing happen, events change, computers go down, yes but acknowledge the fact that the lesson was posted late. I and my fellow students are also paying customers, using a product bought from Megan. Would she treat her jewelry clients or a gallery owner in the same manner. I hope not, but if so perhaps I could teach Megan a thing or two about professionalism. 

Okay, so now that that is off my chest, all in all I am glad I signed up for the marketing class. It has taught me some valuable things about marketing and has change my perspective on marketing. And with that change, how to better use my marketing resources. Because this posting was not a stellar A+ for Megan, I am not linking her website, the class site, anything. If you want more info or are interested in the class yourself, I don't want to tarnish that. So you will have to find her yourself.
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