Wednesday, October 13, 2010

launch week-infinity scarf/cowl-intro

This week I thought I talk a little about a new product I am 'launching' on-line at the first of next week, cowls and my version of the infinity scarf.

I got the idea for the cowl and infinity scarves one day while looking through an issue of  Lucky mag and saw a knitted version of an infinity scarf and thought 'I could do that out of felt'. For those wondering what the hell an infinity scarf is, it is a scarf that has no beginning or end, but is formed in one continuous loop. The loop is large enough to wrap multiple time around the neck.  The cowl is the same concept but a taller,slimmer version, which is intended to be slipped over the head and pushed and folded down.  

Tomorrow I thought we'd take a break from the farm, especially since the harvest is really starting to look the same, and see what it takes to felt a continues scarf in the round and a little more about the product.
Be sure to check back to see the work in progress!

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