Wednesday, October 6, 2010

American Craft week

This week, actually Oct. 1-10 is American Craft week. A time set aside to celebrate the traditions of craft and the continuation of craft in America today. I was hoping to organize some event here in Jackson, but it just didn't work out. So I thought I'd use my blog as a place to talk about craft week and highlight some local craft people and studios.

So first up, my studio. I work in a back room in our house, while also using the garage for dying fabric and one of the bathrooms for my felt making. My studio is pretty tight for all I use it for and have in it. I sew both my production line and any alterations I'm working on, the futon is used for blocking felt and storing felt below, the desk my sewing machine is on is also my cutting board and also a place to set up my drum carder.  I also pack up shipments, prepare the baggies o' felt that I sell and draw and develop new pieces and styles.

And lastly, this is the inspiration board for this winter season's new work coming out soon.

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